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What is "Freddy's Urbane Blues Night"?

Basically, it`s a well organized, stylish and feature-length blues session venue, open for blues bands and both nonprofessional and professional blues musicians. Furthermore, it's a blues band (a so called "house band") consisting of well-rehearsed musicians, who are a able and willing to play with anyone during the venue.

The event can be booked for a appropriate price (between 400,- and 1000,- € per evening), depending on the location's actualities, the predefined conditions which have been negotiated previously and the participating musicians.


The following features are included and essential parts of the event:

- Online advertising and event notes in preparation of the event, 

- promotion material for the location (e.g. posters, stickers, tags)

- a set of well-rehearsed house band musicians,

- a well organized and textured accomplishment on the ground (including e.g. a dress code on stage),

- good musical equipment at the state of art (amplifiers, instruments, cables and other stuff),

- an inspiring scenery set (such as blues posters or special effects) in the background of the stage,

- in particular cases: e.g. a blues dance group, a blues chorus and related artists, who enrich the show,

- the offer of a recording or documentary service to the musicians (e.g. wav-/mp3-surround-recordings, fotos)

- and many more besides...

Please use the contact formular for sending me a message.